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Major Innovate UK Grant Secured for BuiltRight Project

Our CTO, David Wisth, presenting the output of our NavLive device at a recent customer demo.

We are thrilled to announce that NavLIve has been awarded an £800k Innovate UK grant to develop cutting-edge technology for the building sector. This project, called BuiltRight, will accelerate our push to bring the latest in 3D sensing technology and artificial intelligence into the hands of architects, engineers, and construction workers.

About the Project

BuiltRight aims to change the way buildings are designed, constructed, and monitored over their lifecycle by developing cutting-edge 3D sensing and artificial intelligence algorithms. This technology is set to reduce the cost of surveying building sites by up to 50%, while simultaneously improving their speed and accuracy.

Top-down view of a construction site made by NavLive 3D mapping software.

Technological Advancements

This project focuses on developing methods for 3D semantic mapping of the environment. These maps can then be linked to the building’s “digital twin” or Building Information Model (BIM) to create or update the BIM and monitor construction progress. This technology will be integrated into a GPU-enabled, real-time mapping device designed for site professionals, such as engineers and architects. This compact handheld sensor payload will combine camera, lidar, and inertial measurements with robust multi-sensor fusion algorithms, providing a comprehensive and precise surveying solution.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Survey Efficiency: This technology will unlock the ability to conduct more frequent and detailed surveys, enhancing productivity and leading to better process monitoring.

  • Reduced Rework and Waste: Minimizing project rework and material waste contributes to more sustainable construction practices.

We will work with industrial partners, including Mace and AtkinsRéalis, to test this technology.

We are excited about the potential of BuiltRight to transform the industry and look forward to sharing more updates as we progress. Stay tuned for further developments!

For more information, please contact us at

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